Here's how it works

At eCampus University lessons are always available online from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can study whenever and wherever you want through the dedicated e-learning platform that is personalised and structured around your objectives and the amount of time you are able to dedicate to your studies.

A personal tutor guides, supports, and helps you both online and in person at the eCampus University branches located all over Italy.

You only need to go into university for exams, which are scheduled on a yearly calendar that allows you to book your journey in advance.

eCampus University has a widespread presence throughout Italy with more than 80 locations.

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eCampus prepares you for success

Established by ministerial decree on 30/01/2006, eCampus is one of the main online universities in Italy. It awards the same qualification as a traditional university but is structured based on a teaching model that is centred on students first.

70000 students


60 degree courses

eCampus University offers 49 degree courses in Engineering, Psychology, Law, Economics, and Arts. Become the best in your field!

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eCampus University offers traditional and innovative degree courses, with no admission test, all geared towards the world of work and constantly updated to guarantee the highest level of education. Enrolment is always open, today too.

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educational offer

Flexibility, innovation, constant care for its students: with eCampus University you are independent, but not alone.

On-site tutors

eCampus is the only online University in Italy with on-site tutors in your town too.

Live chat

You can easily contact teachers and discuss any aspect of your studies with them.


The eCampus Club app means you are always in contact with other students.